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Mwen se echantiyon yon ras kap boujonnen men ki poko donnen

Si vous voulez vous faire des ennemis essayer de changer les choses

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Haiti Pre- and Post-Electoral Updates by Stanley Lucas

The following are links to pre-electoral updates elaborating how President Preval kept in place a partisan CEP (Provisional Electoral Council or electoral administration), in spite of calls the Haitian political parties, civil society, the Haitian Diaspora, members of the international community, representatives of the U.S. Congress, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to revamp the CEP to ensure free and fair elections.

Pre-electoral Updates

The following are links to post-electoral updates detailing how President Preval executed the electoral coup by manipulating the technical and political process and how he is leveraging the OAS, MINUSTAH, Brazil, and other members of the international community to legitimate fraudulent results in order to prop him up and overcome the revolt of the Haitian people.  Previous presidents of Haiti have tried exactly the same tactics and have failed resulting in total political instability.  If we do not learn from these previous attempts and put aside Preval’s efforts, we will again descend into complete political chaos when the election results are announced.  The people will revolt.

Post Elections Updates

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