It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light

Mwen se echantiyon yon ras kap boujonnen men ki poko donnen

Si vous voulez vous faire des ennemis essayer de changer les choses

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Dear Dr. Friend,

My name is Dr. Rudolph Moise and I am an osteopathic physician and surgeon. I have been practicing primary care in South Florida for the past thirty years. I am writing to you today, to seek your support for my candidacy for US Congress in Florida’s 17th District.

The 17th Congressional District includes parts of North Miami-Dade County and parts of South Broward County.  A recent Gallup Poll reported that the district was among one of the most miserable in the country because of high unemployment, accessibility of quality health care and median income disparities. This district needs strong leadership with new solutions in Washington to help face these and other challenges. 

I have served my community throughout my life.  I have served as an US Air Force Flight Surgeon for the past twenty years. Service in the military profession requires leadership accountability and responsibility. It also requires putting the needs and goals of the Constitution and the nation ahead of your own service and any personal needs and interests.

Now, I am ready to take my adherence to our shared medical oath one step further, by running for public office. The timing of my candidacy couldn’t be more critical.  It is imperative that physicians are engaged politically both at the state and national level. There are multiple issues affecting our health care system.

We, as a profession, must continue to be active in the legislative process and help elect the officials who will be making the decisions that affect the delivery of quality health care as well as our ability to receive adequate reimbursement for our hard work.

I cannot get to Congress without your help. I need your financial support to build a strong campaign so I can win this election and serve us well in Washington.

As a community leader, I want to continue as a catalyst to assist others in the district to improve their quality of life. I believe that our country is in crisis, that America needs jobs and that our leaders must now cease their partisan war and speak loudly with the voice of reason for the good of all citizens.

This opportunity to serve in the US Congress is now my opportunity to put all that I have learned, all that I have seen and all that I have experienced to work for the people of the 17th District of Florida and all of America.

A financial contribution is helpful because it will help us cover our paid communication and direct voter outreach programs.  You can make your contribution by mailing us your check or by going online at and contributing bycredit card online

You can also help by sharing information within your personal and professional circles, or consider hosting a fundraiser or attending a campaign event.I appreciate you taking the time to read this letter and thank you for your consideration of support. 



Dr. Rudolph Moise, D.O.
Candidate for US Congress, Florida’s 17th District

P.S. Call us at 786-228-5949 if you have questions or would like to speak directly to me.