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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Importance of Women in Politics

Why include women in your party?

The foundation of democracy is to provide fair and equal representation for all people–including minorities and women. Women constitute at least half the population, therefore, their support of your party is essential. One of the surest ways to build the women’s support is to include them in your party structure.-----

Women can assist in identifying issues and policy development.
Political parties are organizations which aim to represent the interests of the people. Women can play a key role in helping the party to know what the interests of the people are because of the numerous roles they play in society. They are mothers, wives, farmers, business people, teachers and health care workers just to name a few.

This means they know what issues people are concerned with and what solutions they are looking for. Many different issues affect the mood of a party’s supporters. For example, women working in the marketplace may see sanitation in the market or quality of vegetables as a major issue. Many women may see domestic violence as an issue they want addressed. Local party leaders need to know what people in their area are thinking, and they must communicate this information to party leaders at the national level. Based on that information, they formulate policies to influence potential laws of the country.---------------------------------------------

Women can assist in targeting messages.
Because of the numerous roles women play in society, they can be very effective in targeting messages. One way to increase the effectiveness of a party’s message is to target that message to a specific group of people. For instance, farmers are often concerned with issues regarding property and land management. A party must analyze farmers’ needs, develop a message, and target that specific message to those families.

Targeting holds true for different groups of people, not just farmers, but other groups such as teachers, students, older people women, lawyers, the disabled. Women belong to all of these groups and can therefore categorize people into larger groups with common interests and concerns and relate to them.-------------------------------------

Women can identify and recruit candidates to participate in the elections.

Through incorporating women into the party structure, the party will have more success in reaching out to people. Women are active in their homes, in the marketplace, in their workplace, and in their neighborhoods. They can potentially exert influence over a lot of people if they are given information and encouraged. A woman in a high level position within a party structure can be even more influential. It is well worth the investment for a political party to train women for high level positions.-----------------------------------------

Women can establish other structures which are important to political parties.

Women can establish special interest groups with other women (students, widows, merchants, teachers, farmers, health-care workers, etc.) to support to party’s policies and to help the party achieve its political goals. For example, in the United States, organizations affiliated with political parties exist at the national and local level. Such organizations include the National Federation of Republican Women and the Young Republicans’ National Federation. These groups not only promote the party’s goals, but also encourage participation in the political process.-------------------------------------------------

What can women do as party members?-----------------------------


Bringing women on board to help manage a campaign will get their support. However, once they start working for your party, give them something to do. Otherwise, they may get bored and feel estranged. This could jeopardize their support for your party. Spend time providing them with whatever training they might need. This is part of institution building which can only make your organization stronger.---------------------------------------------


Every party suffers from a shortage of money which is precisely why fund-raising is a full-time job. Women who manage household finances are good judges to decide how to solicit people for funds and how to plan events for fund-raising. Again, knowing what issues are important to women is an excellent way to gain their confidence and pledges.----------------------


The importance of having the support of women has already been stressed. The more women you have within the party structure, the greater the women’s network you’ll be able to develop. Form a coalition of strong women activists to add to your party’s strength.----------------


If women feel the support of both men and women within a particular party, their confidence and support will only increase. Sometimes men are not sensitive to women’s issues and need training to understand the specific needs of women. Women in the party should offer advise and training in this area.-----------------------------------------

Developing campaign slogans, signs, advertising

Acting as strategists and planners

.Performing administrative duties

Serving as public speakers

Acting as district coordinators


Organizing local meetings
Recruiting and organizing volunteers and new party members----------------------------

Researching opposition, demographics, and issues
Remember that the contribution of women to a political part does not stop after the election They can bring in the votes, but their continued participation in the party is necessary to keep them.