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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Elections Senatoriales: Correspondance lavalas, CEP et le Ministere de la Justice

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Francisque said...

M. Lucas,
I have been receiving all infos via e-mail from you for over 7 years. Seven years, I have been sharing your infos with the population via Planet FM radio station at Port-de-Paix. Some of the texts you e-mailed were even published in Le Novateur, a bi-weekly newspaper, bankrupted due to a printing machine. How can you help reprint the newspaper; it remains ont of the tools to promote democracy and to do civic education?
BY the way, can you find the document published in 2004 "Commission d'Enquete Administrative" par M. Paul Denis, now a Mr. Preval's political counsel, sitting on the same table with a presumed assassin Moise Jean-Charles.
This document revealed names of Aristide politicals appointees and allies who have cleared out the Haitian treasury between 2001-2004. There, we'll find names of somme thieves who are presently candidates for the April's senatorial.
Francisque Jean-Charles